NTU meet-up with the AIESEC interns

Before our shopping trip to Orchard, we went to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe for lunch.

I ordered a fried rice. Both of us were wondering: Am I back in Padang again? Why nasi goreng again? LOL! Then fried wonton and her chicken mushroom rice. This dish resembles our BA ZHANG which we ate during dragon boat festival. The taste of glutinous rice and the sauce.. HMMM.. Just the package is different.

I brought her to ION Orchard first. Unexpectedly, she actually stayed in the PROLOGUE bookstore one whole afternoon -____-” And only bought some pens at a stationery shop… ORCHARD ROAD!! COME ON! A shopping heaven! I guess she really loves books and museums.

NTU students must know this place. I studied in this school for 2/1/2 years. I explored other places except THIS, the Chinese Heritage Centre. I thought that I will never ever visit this place after I graduate. But I got the chance. There’s actually an exhibition in here, but until 5pm and we missed it. Oops..

I really felt weird to have her with me taking shuttle bus to school and walking around the campus. At Padang, we never ever have thought that this would happen.. She’s beside me in SINGAPORE. We seldom talk at Padang. I thought that we would never meet up again. I guess things always happen beyond your expectations.

So happening, before we went to meet up with the other fellows, we bought mr bean soya ice cream at canteen B. And she fell in love with it! LOL! She didn’t taste soya ice cream before, so she feels that it’s unique and it wasn’t too sweet, suits her tastebuds 🙂

And personally, my first bite too!! I love it! But I guess there should be some flavours or toppings instead of just plain ice cream 😛

After that, we met the fellows at canteen 1 for dinner. GREAT chinese foods 😛 Marcus, Luqi, Mayang, Fann, Rebekah & me. The SURVIVORS of Padang.

A sad night for me 😥 CRIED like nobody’s business in front of my sister and brother-in-law. Long story, this should be a happy journal, not a sad one. It’s really too much that I couldn’t control anymore. I really hate getting HURT.

But I want to thank my sister and brother-in-law for their understanding and support 🙂 I really owe you two too much just because of my stupid mistake.


By xueting23

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